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and make our way down every street til' we get back home.

Friday, December 11, 2009 ♠
Outings, Outings and more Outings :D

Whew! Finally updating my blog. I've been running about from place to place, now finally getting a breather.
West Coast? East Coast? All conquered already. (We should prolly go Gold Coast in Australia) Woah, its like one outing to either place every week. Not that im complaining , and its time to find a new place! Next week prolly Sentosa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here we come!

Mmm. Oh, and the Wii and pool gatherings. After playing two times, im convinced that I have a curse. Its called the Curse of the Black Ball. You see, unlike other people, im the only one who prolly lost 7 - 8 times because of the black ball. Most of it, like say 5 - 6 was because i hit the cue ball tgt with the black ball. How great -..- . Im also convinced that if i get the "winning" shot, it'll turn into the losing shot. How excellent.

Oh. And. I. Want . A. Job. I want to workkkkkkkkkk! If not i cant feed my beloved sicaaa. that would be bad. she requires much food. Yum yum! Suddenly i feel hungry. Omg. In no time, i'll develop flob. Which is unhealthy and bad. Time to workout! (I always say that but end up never do.)

And i have realized that i havent caught a single movie yet! Omg i must be living on Mars man. Cant wait for tmr :D. Feng Yun 2 should be nice? I hope! Couch potato, couch potato , couch potato.

Okay. Time to go. Bye!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009 ♠

Prom prom prom!

Lets go through the cost of prom

Hair- 40 Kaching!
Eyes- 22 Kaching!
Blazer - 55 Kaching!
Shirt - 35 Kaching!
Belt -FOC
Pants - 39 Kaching!
Shoes - 30 Kaching!

Result is..

lol i look so fierce.

joel and me.

alfred and me.

Haha lazy to post more photos. But prom was a blast! Hot girls and even hotter guys (not that im gay)LOL. Got to see all the smexy ppl and their other sides o_O. Coooool.okay. might be adding more photos soon. Time to slack. =P

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009 ♠
one more hurdle

one more final hurdle to cross.. the big bad 'O's. with what i have now im sure i'll flop at the exams.
hmm lets review my results. overall quite okay, but some need serious bucking up.

English - 63.5 (B4)
A.Maths - 78 (A1)
E.Maths - 74 (which is considered as A1 in the school system, but who cares.)
Chinese - ?? (A1)
Combined Humans - 77 (A1)
Biology - 76 (A1)
Physics - 65 (B3 , this seriously made me want to jump down because of all the careless mistakes)
Chemistry - 61.5 (B4, need to mug harder, gonna study this like crazy)

L1R5 of 9. which is bad, because if we were still using prelims i would be able to get into like, the middle middle jcs. which is not good.
but considering that we do not use prelims anymore, well.
hmm, it just means i have to stop my careless mistakes, and study harder for chem.
English.. wells, summary just owned me. and everyone.
but no excuses, i should work harder.
self-ban doesnt seem to work.
discipline has limited effects.

shit i dont want a situation where single-digit distance from O's then i start to panic.
better start to mug.
oh well.

hmmm by the end of this year i should have around 100 photos of jessica jung.
ah well. my motivation. ~~~~

i've been telling myself to start a timetable. i've also been telling myself that I can do it another day.
somehow the other voice seems to overpower mine, hate procrastination.
but what can i do, its part of me :D
and why am i still blogging?
ok bye.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009 ♠ home

Rotting at home. once again.

This time, i've found a nice video to show y'all. it brings me back to the past, in the 1990's where gameboys and handheld video consoles were all the rage. also when power rangers, pokemon and what-have-you were the first-generation and the best. and hi-5 too.LOL. well i cant remember much, just that TV's and computers were bigger and robots weren't invented yet. maybe not.

But anyways, im supposed to be doing elearning by myself. which i have already done yesterday. so i've been sitting and staring at the computer, and myself in the mirror. so i've been thinking about my life awhile now. not that i haven't been thinking in the past, but now i have the time to post about it. as it is now, students are snatched from the cradle and warmth of their homes to be put through mundane,boring school and their brains to be stuffed into washing machines chock-full of information and useful things and things that prepare us for the future. Actually it isnt that bad, because rotting at home is worse than going to school. you see, at least you can talk to your friends. but that's not the point, every human, as of godknowswhen, was born to face education,work,family and death. i mean, we're trained to do things, learn things like science or sports or music.sometimes we don't know why. but its for the future. i mean like, we're going through school now, so we can go to better schools of higher education, and pursue our career later in life.

sometimes i wonder whats the point since we all die in the end. nah im not so pessimistic. just that i question the purpose of all these. i mean, i'd rather live a life of freedom, you know, not being shackled by the possibility of not having a job or whatsoever. Isn't that what life was like during the ancient ages? where man was a primate and made OOF OOF OOF sounds and drew ugly drawings on the walls ? and you can do whatever you want. but then im caught in a dilemma since i like my life the way it is now. NOW only, who knows in the future what will happen. you know, people change you know.

as promised , the video!

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Monday, July 20, 2009 ♠

HELLO! i'm back after a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. okay maybe not that long, but you get the point. I was, am and will be lazy to continue posting.

im going to tell u all the beauty of life. In life, there are many epic phail moments. Hongliang has experienced many epic phail moments. Take for example, on youth day i went kbox with jiawen,weida,tiffany,hongliang,and mr fish. There, he asked me "eh want go toilet anot" so i agreed. THEN HE LED ME TO THE GIRLS TOILET. (hold on let me explain first) Apparently, the toilet's deco was like the same colour as the boy's toilet (we found out later) and it was like a masculine colour. So as we went in , me and hongliang talked through the cubicle. and he said "hey jian wei, you know what? in my cubicle there's a sanitary pad thingy." i was having a bit of suspicions and was feeling uneasy, simply because in my cubicle there was also such a thing. so we went out and washed our hands (which at this point i still didnt notice the lack of standing urinals). then a woman, a kbox staff came out from another cubicle. i was thinking to myself "WTH. YOU MEAN THEY DON'T SEPARATE MALE AND FEMALE TOILET? CAN MEH?" until hongliang and me walked out, and we saw another girl walk in. AND I LOOKED AT THE TOILET DOOR. IT READ FEMALE. at this very moment, i told hongliang immediately and we started laughing hysterically. i was thinking how come the women didnt scream or something. is it a natural occurrence there? or does it happen there often. WHAT'S WORSE, WAS ANOTHER GUY WENT INTO THE TOILET THE MOMENT WE LEFT. LOL. AND, I THINK IT WAS BECAUSE HE SAW US IN THE TOILET THATS WHY HE WENT IN. (guilty guilty lols.)

Another epic phail moment was when he went back with me to the kbox room, and he whipped out his...

PSP!(what were you guys thinking -.-)
So he played this series of matches where he had to fight through 5 opponents (it's bleach heat the soul 6) and when he reached the final match with Orihime. He was this CLOSE to winning, because both he and orihime had a tiny , minute , microscopic speck of health. AND HE LOST BECAUSE HE USED HIS SPECIAL ATTACK. AND I TOLD HIM NOT TO. WAHAHHA. THEN HE STARTED SCREAMING AND SCREAMING IN A FEMININE VOICE.if you were there you'd literally burst into laughter. i mean i was laughing i felt my 6-pecs surface (i actually dont have 6 -pecs, so you can imagine how hard i laughed) Epic phail.

Anyway, im currently going to start on my quest on mugging like a git. at the end of the whole thing i think my brain's gonna implode onto me. you know, have you ever felt your brain go fuzzy and all the juices flowing out and stuff? well actually i dunno how that feels i was just being random. but seriously.

i've been watching videos (yes i have no life) of funny people on youtube. for example, shane dawson, smosh bla bla. you should go watch too if you're rotting or stoning at home with nothing to do. or maybe use it as an excuse not to do homework (oh man i hope no teachers see this). Because in sec 4 you have no life. After you finish your revision papers thrown unto you, you have nothing to do . i mean study? i studied already. but my brain's begging for me to stop, before it rebels against me and takes control over my whole body.just kidding. but seriously. you often hear one has to achieve a balance between this and that? i totally agree! which is why we have the beam balance. (... okay that wasnt funny) You know, nowadays its school, go home, eat, bathe, do homework, study, use comp, sleep. The cycle repeats itself. Every graduating student is trapped in this cycle. Which is bad,really bad.

Later i 'll be studying for another 3 hours. How nice -.- . I think i should change my name to Brainless Git. (yes jia wen, yes kian i know, but im not as brainless as you all are) OMG speaking about studies i need to mug chem, and bio, and lots of things too. die liao. fail everything.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 ♠
Michael Jackson Tribute

Michael Jackson proves why he deserves the title King of Pop.
I havent updated in a long time.. lol will try.

watch this.awesome moonwalk

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Thursday, April 9, 2009 ♠

Today's E-learning was pretty much spent by doing homework..
When I went to the school for the Outstanding Character Development Award (for BP), the teachers were playing a CS-like game like laser quest. Talk about irony. However, the rules were quite strict and they were restricted to the ground floor. No chance to take vantage point at 4th floor. I was on the 4th floor and looking downwards, if i was a sniper, I would have took them all out, one by one. lol.
The interview was okay, but a few tricks, pitfalls here and there.
Then went home.
Switched on the computer,
lo and behold!
A mass of homework (not really mass, cause its in the computer) awaits me. Talk about holidays. There are no holidays.

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